Career Seeking Resources

Helpful Planning Websites

  • O*Net

Need to explore different careers? The O*NET Program is the nation's primary source of occupational information. Valid data are essential to understanding the rapidly changing nature of work and how it impacts the workforce and U.S. economy. From this information, applications are developed to facilitate the development and maintenance of a skilled workforce.

O*Net can be a very useful first step for job seekers who do not want to take a position directly related to previous experience, or preparing to further their education so they know what requirements must be met for their career goals. 

Click here to explore O*Net online!

Job-Search Websites

Check out area social media groups and pages on sites like:

  • My Next Move
Do you know what your next move is?

Answer questions about the type of work you might enjoy; This website suggest careers that match your interests and training.

Visit My Next Move for help on identifying what your next job might be. 

  • PA CareerZone
A helpful website, PA CareerZone can help you do some exploration into what Careers might be best for you. The site includes an assessment you can take to learn more about your job preferences and also contains budget planning resources.

Visit PA CareerZone to access these tools. 

  • CareerOneStop
Like us, this proud partner of The American Jobs Network provides information on all things career related on their website. You can find information about Unemployment compensation, training, veteran info and career exploration tools. 

Visit to browse through their website. 

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