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Available courses

Welcome to The Hub Introductory Course

Welcome to The Hub!  This site is for you!  This site has the courses necessary for helping you find a great job!  This course and video will show you how to move around and use some of the neat tools on your account.  Please let us know if you have any questions!  We are h…

WIOA Information Session

PA CareerLink® is here to help you achieve your career goals! Join us to learn how we can work together to design your employment plan, connect you with a career advisor, provide information about education and training opportunities, connect you to assistance when times are tough, and provide dir…
  • Teacher: Nicole Wehler

WIOA Information Session Downtown

View our recorded orientation video that presents more in depth information about the services that we can offer you as a job-seeker in our intensive level services. 

5 Minute Countdown Series Pittsburgh

What can you do to improve your professional Skills in Five minutes?

Pennsylvania CareerLink Tour of Services

What do we do? Who do we serve? How can we help you in the next step in your career? Inside this course will link you to our Tour of Services video, which details all of the services Pennsylvania CareerLink has to offer you.


Thousands of free courses at your fingertips! Expand your skills and grow into your future career.  New SkillsBuild user Click here to register! Returning SkillsBuild user Click here to access! Not sure what SkillsBuild is? Click here to learn more! &nbs…

Advanced Resume Writing- Part 1

In this advanced workshop, we
discuss how to write a strength-based resume, how to use quantifying
information, and some valuable resources to make writing a resume easier.
If you are not enrolled in this class and would like to be, please email 

  • Teacher: Nicole Wehler

Adult Compliance

Dynamic Works has created 3 Compliance Packages to ensure that career seekers and customers are schooled in proper, compliant behavior. Each package covers sensitive topics such as Diversity, Ethics and Prevention of Sexual Harassment. A certificate of completion is available to print after passing…

Cover the Cover Letter Workshop

Teaches the reason you should send a cover letter and will show examples of cover letters.

Resume Scanning Software: ATS Systems

This workshop is on resume scanning software. We discuss what ATS Systems are, why you need to know about them, and how to customize your resume to get it into a hiring manager or recruiter’s hands.  If you are not enrolled in this class but would like to be, please email Nicole.Wehler@Caree…
  • Teacher: Nicole Wehler

Resume Basics

This workshop
on Resume Basics discusses the essential elements of a resume, what kind of
information you will need to compile, and professional resume writing tips.
  • Teacher: Nicole Wehler

Common Resume Questions

This course on Common Resume Questions answers
a series of common questions when it comes to resume writing including what
resume format is best for you, how long your resume should be, and how to tweak
your resume if you are changing career paths.
  • Teacher: Nicole Wehler

Interviewing Skills

The following course will prepare you with proven techniques to have a great interview! 

  • Teacher: Chris Bernhardt

Resume Tailoring Workshop

If you have applied for numerous jobs and heard nothing back despite being qualified to do the work, this workshop is for you. When applying for jobs online, your resume will be scanned and graded on its ability to match the qualifications listed in the job posting. Each time you apply online, tailo…
  • Teacher: rob arment

Re-Entry to the Workforce

Dynamic Possibilities – Re-Entry is a suite of eLearning courseware designed to assist career seekers who are Ex-Offenders to navigate through the world of work.  The program consists of nine interactive e-Lesson topics that are designed specifically with this user in mind.  To enhance …

How To Apply For Government/Civil Service Jobs

Have you ever wanted to apply for Government/Civil Service jobs? Well, here's your chance! This is where you can get some hints and tips on how to better your chance of getting a government job!

Targeted Job Search Strategies

In this workshop, you will learn 5 targeted strategies to accelerate your job search including searching by location, using top employers, and different networking techniques. 

  • Teacher: Nicole Wehler

O*NET Interest Profiler

Demonstration of O*NET Interest Profiler

PA Fine Wine & Good Spirits Recruitment

This is a test.

  • Teacher: Laurie Limerick

Your 8 Step Guide to Writing a Winning Resume

Before you win the job, you'll need to apply for it - and before you apply, you'll need to write an eye-catching resume. 

In this course, we'll walk through the steps of resume building, from start to finish.

Your Guide to Interview Mastery

You got the interview! Now you just need to ace it to win the job. 

No need to be nervous - we've bundled together day-by-day, step-by-step instructions crafted expressly to help you prepare confidently for your interview. 

The Job Search

Are you ready to start looking for meaningful work? Look no further - we've got you covered.

In this course, we'll walk you through the steps of the job search.  We'll start with focusing your search, move on to where to search, to finish up with beginning the search itself. 

Professional Skills Primer

In this course, you'll be introduced to the main professional skills you should bring to work in your briefcase, be it virtual or in person.

Click "Enter" to open the course module and begin.

The Job Application

In this module, we'll share all of the information you'll need to get your job application filled out. We'll cover the purpose of a job application, the information you'll need to include, (and what you won't need to include!) and how to make a good impression on your application.  Click "Ente…